A cloud of unease makes its home deep inside, seemingly every movement I make is a call for it to propagate, and the single flutter of a delicate insect could cause it to erupt. All would come undone in a violent burst.

While this might describe a laborious night after spending some time at a buffet, it’s actually my physical state when we are mere days away from the first day of production. There is excitement, somewhere within, beset by the mass of butterflies. Scatter, please scatter, and let me be.

Deep breath.

It’s similar to a stage performance, except there is no applause for a very long time. Or jeers. You have to admit, it’s quite a wait just to hear someone say you missed. But we will fire into the night with the Sun as our only source of light. Now we wait for it to rise and reveal the results. Did we miss?

Who can say.

Well I can now say, having looked through the footage a week later, is that we are on the correct course.

Side note: D.A. Pennebaker is in town to present a few films of his. Should be a great way to spend an evening. I must confess, I am more than excited to see a Ziggy Stardust concert. So much more.

Make me know you really care,
Make me jump into the air.