Aural perspective

Aural perspective

People don’t like experimental films, generally speaking. I understand, which is why I don’t rush out to impress my newest creation on anyone. But they are there, if anyone is curious. And these are, clearly, experiments. Sometimes you can’t know for sure what the outcome will be unless you commit to the act. Folly to your retort, it’s my firm belief, especially when you consider the treasure chest enigma. But if you agree with me, then cool! And whether your hypothesis is correct is rarely a concern, because there will be surprises all along the way. You will learn something from your tests, and that is always a good outcome.


This red balloon short is about aural POV. We are familiar with a character’s POV, and sometimes we are treated with their subjective hearing, but rarely (help me out here if you know of any great examples) do we experience what a character hears while the camera is continuously ‘detached’. From my understanding, the reason is simply because we as an audience would become easily confused, even disoriented. We only have two senses to connect to the cinematic story in front of us, we can’t just go and throw the two in different directions.

Or can we?

Guess we’ll find out. Video to be shared later, if you’re curious.