A sock, cow tongue, or just a giant dog?

A sock, cow tongue, or just a giant dog?

nah, panty hose!

It is a very vital question that needs figuring out – what do we use to ‘lick off’ the blood and bone (and brain?) oozing out of her face? We’re still mulling it over. Sitting here, one begins to wonder what other sordid ideas would emerge from our silly minds had we decided to think about it while in the pool.

Lampreys, I figure, would be high on the list.

Different settings offer different solutions. Need to keep that in mind the next time a script stumps me. I just hope one of the newer stumps doesn’t force me to stand over a freshly dug grave just to figure out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ the body has disappeared. But that’s a different story, this one is about smashing heads.  One story at a time, for now.

We’ll be making a cast of the actress’ face soon. That should be fun, we can discuss our noodly appendage ideas further then. And in case you were hoping for it, unfortunately, she has already refused to allow a cow tongue near her face.