Somewhat sticky

Somewhat sticky

Three Sundays. That’s all it took, more or less. One pre-production meeting, one molding session, and then we shot the whole thing in a single evening. About 30 shots in three and a half hours.


Even I knew it was going to be crazy, as I looked at the shot list I made, this is quite ambitious. But that’s how we do it. And it looks like we got it all without having to rush. Even the rain couldn’t stop us. So, in theory, all is good and it is now up to post-production to do their job. Oh, right, that’s me.

Well, I might spend the week catching up on films first. Plus I have to figure out what to do with the bloody head in my freezer.

We’re aiming to screen this short by Halloween, so twiddle your thumbs and rub your stumps until then.